Remy Hair or Virgin Hair Extensions? What's The Difference?

When it comes to the world of natural hair extensions, most women are going to have two different options to choose from: Remy hair extensions and virgin hair extensions. Each different type of hair extensions has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Before you  make a decision regarding which type of hair extensions to invest in, you should educate herself about the differences between the two. In their most basic definition, virgin hair extensions are 100% human hair extensions that have never been chemically treated, processed, or colored. With these types of hair extensions, the cuticle of the hair has remained intact, which protects it from environmental elements and maintains the hair’s natural luster and sheen. Additionally, because the cuticle of the hair has been left intact, these types of hair extensions tend to be far more resilient during styling processes, which greatly contributes to their longevity. On the other hand, the term “Remy” means that the hair used in Remy hair extensions has been gathered in the same direction that it fell in when it was cut from the donor’s head. This collection process is believed to assist in the overall styling of the hair and to prevent tangling and matting during blow drying and other styling processes. However, it is important to understand that Remy hair extensions are not always constructed from virgin hair. Of the two options, virgin hair extensions tend to be the most expensive, because the purity of their natural state is guaranteed. As aforementioned, while it is possible to find virgin Remy hair extensions, most Remy hair extensions tend to be lightly processed. Remy hair extensions can be lightly colored and processed to match the natural hair color of most women, and it is available in a wide variety of different textures, which allows it to be used by women of a variety of different ethnicities. Finally, virgin natural hair extensions tend to be in short supply; however, these extensions have the added benefit of being hypoallergenic and free from potentially harmful chemicals.  If properly maintained, most Remy and virgin hair extensions can last a very long time. Extend Hair Collections is your ultimate resource for the most beautiful hair textures.  We proudly carry the 3H Hair Brand and we are located in Los Angeles area we deliver within 20 miles and ship locally and internationally.  Give us a call to extend your beauty today 213.309.2426 or 323.253.4210.  
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