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Moroccan Argan Oil.. What's The Big Deal?

Moroccan Argan Oil

By now you have probably heard of Argan oil and you've  also probably wondered what is it and do I really need this new oil toted as a miracle oil?  The answer is yes!  We've imported this liquid gold from Southwest Morocco, which is made from the nuts of the Argan Tree.

 Argan Oil is like Vitamin E oil on steroids, the absorption and healing benefits are astronomical!  It is excellent if you have skin issues like dry skin, acne, eczema, wrinkles and stretchmarks. 

Argan oil is also great for hair care, you can use it for pre-shampoo treatments, you can add it to your deep conditioning or steam treatments and conditioners.  It is awesome as a daily moisturizer and is great for taming fly away hair.  You can throw out that dimethicone heavy serum or gel gook that prevents nutrients from penetrating your hair shaft. If you really want to get the ultimate conditioning experience order the Argan Conditioning Masque from Extend Collections.  If you are in town come in for our Custom Argan Smoothies, we formulate our Hair Smoothies exclusively for each client, there is no one formula fits all mentality with us.  We are dedicated to extending our experience and knowledge to you so that you may achieve fabulously, lush healthy hair and kissable soft skin.  

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Woman Extend's Argan oil is 100 % Certified Organic, chemical free,  paraben and sulfate free with no artificial fragrances added. If you are ready to increase the moisture level of your skin and knock out wrinkles, eczema and dry patches, organically and naturally without injectables like Juvederm or Restalyne


Hurry over to our shopping cart to order our Pure Organic Argan Oil today, we sell retail portions and supply beauty professionals with wholesale quantities.  If you aren't into being a home chemist and mixing products to get great results.  Check out our Organic Argan Hair Smoothies, Body Creama, Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, Hair Masque, Scrubs, and Custom Scent Bar! 

As with all of our products we deliver locally and ship nationally and internationally.  Call us today to change the life of your skin and hair 213.361.5833 or 323.253.4210.  

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